Salsa For Gringos 
3 DVD Set
Regular Price: $60
Full Set Discount Price: $50 Here you will find 12 instructional DVDs on: 
Performance Tricks
Social Dance leadable Dips, & Drops
Partner Acrobatics

Our Salsa instructional DVDs range from all levels of Salsa dancing.  Our acrobatic lifts and aerials DVDs range from beginner, intermediate and advanced levels as well. 

Beginner Lifts:  Floor level
Intermediate Lifts:  Shoulder level
Advanced Lifts:  Overhead or above shoulder level Dave & Carolyn 
Salsa Lifts & Aerials 
2 DVD Set
Regular Price: $60
Full Set Discount Price: $50 Dave & Ava 
Salsa Lifts & Aerials 
7 DVD Set
Regular Price: $210
Full Set Discount Price:  $140
Our Lifts & Aerial DVDs are valuable for anyone athletically and artistically inspired, including:
  1. Ballroom Dancers (Swing, Hustle, Salsa, Jive etc.)
  2. Ice Skaters
  3. Cheerleaders & Gymnasts
  4. Ballet Dancers
  5. Circus Performers
  6. Kids Dance Groups
Bulk Specials
Gift certificates for private lessons in Salsa and partner lifts are the perfect gifts for:
birthday, wedding, thank you, Valentines Day, anniversary, as well as for corporate parties, fundraisers, employee reward, and banquets.
Paradizo Dance specializes in teaching partner acrobatics to people of all ages, and towards any goal. We have taught cheerleaders, middle schools, ballet dancers, women's groups,  Jewish groups, health club communities, married couples, performance teams, circus performers, ballroom dancers, and more.
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  3. Do you want to learn a specific trick you’ve seen on a video or in performance, but don’t know what it is called?  Or if we teach it?
  4.   Don’t know what level you are and which level DVD is best for you?
  6. Please feel free to call or e-mail us with any your questions or concerns:
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